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Smart Mobility 2018

Reputed Experts and Inspiring Speakers

Exhibitions on cutting-edge smart mobility technologies and services

We are taking you to the future of smart mobility

16 - 17 Oct 2018 / Hilton Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Promote your innovative solutions

Increase your visibility and make deals

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Enjoy B2B meetings

Within the context of rapid growing urban populations and increasing economic competitions and challenges, urban mobility is attracting huge investments worldwide to provide cleaner, safer, and smarter solutions, anytime, anywhere, to all sectors of activities. To meet these goals, the governmental, industrial, academic, and societal actors are seeking for innovative systems for an effective and efficient planning, implementation, and control of human, goods, and services mobility within and between cities. In this event, we are gathering experts and decision-makers from various communities to present, share, and promote their solutions and breakthroughs. The attendees of our two days event will also benefit from the in-depth discussions and exhibitions focusing on the opportunities and challenges of next generation mobility as well as its related regulations and the large scale digital transformations it will cause. Discussions will include but is not limited to:

  • Assessing smart mobility services and investigating how intelligent transportation systems could improve citizens’ lives and promote sustainable economic growth
  • Exploring cutting-edge technologies and investigating business opportunities
  • Connecting and debating with various venders and experts from the mobility sector
  • Predicting and planning efforts to meet the increasing demands for smarter mobility services and products
  • Building young skills and competencies to boost innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Discussing recent research and development advances in implementing smart cities infrastructure and optimizing smart logistics
  • Investigating latest techniques and solutions for safer mobility

Why Attend?

A must attend event where vendors, experts from the government and industry, as well as customers are under one roof to: (1) Explore the latest technologies; (2) Network with a variety of public- and private-sector figures; (3) Make business deals and create partnerships; and (4) Discuss current and future requirements toward next generation smart mobility.

Why Sponsor?

Put yourself forward to an outstanding selection of stakeholders in the highly promising field of mobility and its related technologies, applications, and services.


The talks of our distinguished speakers as well as the setup of booths will be available soon.

Key Topics

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Managing huge volumes of urban mobility data
  • Urban Mobility and city planning
  • Autonomous and self-driving vehicles
  • Smart Cars
  • Smart Cities
  • Legislations for next generation urban mobility
  • Moving humans and goods across the city
  • Smart logistics challenges and solutions
  • Transportation as a Service
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Recent innovations of automotive manufacturers
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Road Safety
  • Emerging technologies for mobility
  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Ensuring security, safety and reliability for emerging transportation mean
  • Drones for smart mobility
  • Software solutions to smart mobility
  • B2B platforms for smart mobility


Who should attend?

Our honorable attendees are expected to be from the Government (transportation Authorities, Municipalities, Police, Civil Defense, Healthcare Authorities, Environment Agencies, Regulation Bodies, Airports’ Authorities, etc.), Industry (Automotive Industry, Energy Sector, Logistics Companies, Ports’ Authorities, Urban Planners, Construction Companies, Food Industry, Agriculture Companies, Software Solution Providers, etc.), Research and Development (Universities, Research labs), and Investors and Inventors (SMEs, Start-ups, etc.)

Local and international transport authorities, government and research bodies to discuss and promote their ideas and initiatives, learn from success stories, and improve services being offered in their cities.

Smart mobility initiatives to investigate and demonstrate their contributions to the ecosystem of smart mobility solutions and services and seek business opportunities and professional collaborations.

Consultants, contractors and researchers to exchange their knowledge and experience, learn about technological innovation and trends, and expand their professional networks.

Solution providers to showcase their solutions and services, investigate B2C and B2B requirements and opportunities, and conclude business with a wide variety of stakeholders in smart mobility.

Any enthusiast to explore the latest development in smart mobility, get inspired from a highly promising business market, and meet with experts from the government, industry, and education.

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