Professional Training Services

Smart Gen is a technical and professional training company, which will provide trainings mainly in the area of transportation for UAE and other countries. The organization is being established by essay writer two transportation experts who have experience of providing trainings in the said field in Europe. Certain researches have been carried out in the Europe related to transportation within academic and non-academic fields. Each research has been successfully implemented and running. The reason for having selected UAE to establish the organization is because of its diverse culture and opportunities.

We are mainly concentrated in the road safety, traffic behaviour and transportation. Our niche market includes all operating agencies working for road safety in the UAE.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Smart Gen revolves around four critical areas. One is the employee, where their rights are respected. Environment should be provided where they can grow professionally. Second is Ethics, Smart Gen wants to practice within the ethical context rhetorical analysis essay format of UAE and society as whole.  Third is engagement in the UAE society, where we plan to provide solutions to the problems related to transportation and bring change that can impact a better UAE. Fourth and last area of CSR is the environment where the emphasis is on reducing carbon footprint.